Walking as an Exercise

In this mechanised world the only muscles we are using are our fingers for various controls.
The only weight we are carrying is our own body weight.
In all, a sedentary lifestyle accounts for some 250,000 premature deaths annually
At any age of life exercise forms an integral part of physical as well as emotional and psychological fitness. But exercise has to be integrated into our daily life as much as we are brushing our teeth daily.
• Even in the elderly woman, exercise can attenuate certain effects of aging and sedentary
• Regular exercise may decrease the incidence and severity of hot flushes, which occur in
75% of menopausal women.
• Weight-bearing exercise, resistance training and high-intensity fitness regimens can reduce a
woman’s risk of fractures and help retard sarcopenia (muscle weakness).
• Cardiovascular effects of exercise are also dramatic, as studies have shown that perimenopausal
women who are more physically active and gain less weight have lower elevations of LDL,
total cholesterol and triglycerides than their heavier, less active counterparts.
Components of fitness are
 Cardiorespiratory fitness
 Weight control and fat distribution and body composition
 Muscular strength
 Endurance,
 Flexibility
Various types of exercises are:
 Stretching exercises
 Toning exercises
 Range of movement exercises
 Strength building exercises and resistance exercises to increase bone strength and decrease muscle weakness
 Meditation or relaxing exercises
Some precautions while doing exercises are
1. Warm up is a must. When ever you start exercising first thing is to do warm up and this can be done either by cycling or treadmill walking or just by stretching the group of muscles you are going to exercise.
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Room temp should not be very hot
4. Switch on the music to enjoy your exercise
5. Vary your exercises so that you are not bored
6. Make a group and enjoy your exercise and be cheerful.
7. First learn proper way of doing exercise and then slowly you can add weights
9. Intensity of exercise can be measured by various means: Talk test : You should be able to carry on a light conversation while you walk. Heart rate test : This is easy to use and is calculated from maximum heart rate (MHR).
MHR is 220-age in years and targeted heart rate for moderate exercise should be 60 -80 % of your MHR and for severe intensity of exercise it can be 85-90% of MHR
10. Learn the proper technique of doing exercises and exercise whole body , but in one day you can do one or two group of exercises.
Warm up
If you are warming up on a tread mill see that the surface is not inclined. Warm up can be by simple walking or by stationary cycling for 5- 10min.
If you have to lose weight then these execises can be for longer period like 15-20 min. but for toning up and strength building warm up 5-10 min. is enough.
Walking as an exercise
Walking to be effective has to be at a reasonably brisk pace. Slow walking does not give any benefits of weight loss or even for cardioprotection. Perform the talk test to adjust your pace .Foot wear should be proper and ideally walking should not be on hard surface.