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Dr.Hara Pattanaik: President, IMS,2015-16

President Dr. H.P. Pattanaik
Dr. H.P. Pattanaik

Dr.Hara Pattanaik , took over the mantle of presidentship in 2015.  To reach there, he has personally served Indian Menopause society in various ways

IMSCON2012, a successful one, was the last conference he conducted for IMS.  He has organised many academic events in Orissa even before this gala annual event of IMS.

He has, spent several weekends in the company of Dr.Vineet Mishra conducting workshoups on the surgical management of  stress incontinence and non descent vaginal hysterectomy, besides other vaginal surgeries.   His workshops on vaginal surgery are much sought after and well appreciated.

He has also travelled the length and breadth of the country giving several  lectures on the topic of Menopause.

We await eagerly for his action filled tenure this year


 Dr.Suvarna Khadilkar: Vice President

Vice President Dr. Suvarna Khadilkar
Vice President
Dr. Suvarna Khadilkar

Dr.Suvarna khadilkar was the secretary of IMS in the past and she with dr.jyothi unni streamlined the constitution of IMS , painstakingly co-ordinating with lawers and various society members in providing a legal document which makes it easier for Indian Menopause society to function smoothly in future.  This is very important for an ever growing body.

Dr.Jignesh Shah: Secretary General

Secretary General Dr. Jignesh Shah
Secretary General
Dr. Jignesh Shah

Dr.Jignesh Shah, in his tenure as joint secretary to Dr.Atul Munshi actively helped in the organisation of a  satellite conference in Ahmedabad, co-ordinating with various societies to get audiences to view the programme and  organising faculty to smoothly deliver the programme.

He has provided uniform e mail id’s to all chapter secretaries after painstakingly co-ordinating with all of them and getting the technical expertise to do it.


Dr. Mrutyunjay Mohapatra: Joint Secretary


Before becoming joint secretary  to Dr.Hara pattanaik, dr.Mrityunjay Mohapatra has been conducting various programmes in Orissa as chapter secretary , spreading the message of IMS, to strengthen the life of  the woman beyond her middle age.

Dr.Jyoti Shah : Treasurer

Treasurer Dr. Jyoti M. Shah
Dr. Jyoti M. Shah

Dr Jyoti Shah took  over the mantle of the treasury from Dr.Jaideep Malhotra and strengthened the work of treasury predecessors Dr.Preeti Galvankar and Dr Rashmi Shah.

Dr.Jyoti M.Shah, in a resolute manner continued to coax Chapter Secretaries to complete their audits, and co-ordinated with the auditors, and committee members to streamline the accounts of the society, maintaining transparency in the  account and putting her efforts to make IMS, a  financially self sufficient body.  This can be a daunting task for the Gynaecologist, the average gynaecologist being just equipped to give quality care to her patients.

Dr. Anu vij: Joint Treasurer.

Jt. Treasurer Dr. Anu Vij
Jt. Treasurer
Dr. Anu Vij

Dr.Anu Vij, in her tenure as chapter secretary in Navi Mumbai, has completed many projects like CME’s conferences, the memorable one being the zonal conference, besides conduting many camps for the public.

She has taken on the tough mantle of helping the treasurer in running the finances of IMS.