Exercise and fitness in aging

Exercise and fitness in aging
Dr.Maninder Ahuja
Exercise is important life style modifications from adolescent to menopause but it becomes
more important in mid life in mid thirties .What is happening beyond mid thirties is that our
body cell are not growing at the speed they grow in young age and destruction is more. What
the result is? Sometimes when you see some women ,in their fifties, may be after a couple of
years , you see that their bodies have suddenly shrunken , have reduced body mass and are
very thin, they have stooping backs and no stamina for walking or doing even routine chores
of daily life.
This all is happening because of increased loss of muscle and bone. This loss of muscle mass
is called sarcopenia and loss of bone mass is called osteoporosis.
All these changes leads to chronic back ache and dowager hump and decreased activity level
and of course related to this comes your decreased interest in life itself and you start feeling
and believing you have become old and there is no cure about it.
But there is cure for all these things and that is timely intervention by doing all the proper
exercises in the proper way with proper diet.
So through my this column you would be given guidance regarding all exercises yoga ,
aerobics, weight bearing and resistance exercises and dance therapies for so called various
ailments of growing old. Exercise can be started at any age even as old as 100 years and
scientific studies have proved that they do increase strength and stamina and vitality.
Menopause is no pause, it is just a phase of life and we are here to help you to “BREEZE
Some basics of exercise:
 Proper loose clothing so that your movements are not restricted and your body can
breathe through your fabric, cool cotton or Lycra fabric which comes especially for
exercisers is good enough.
 Proper foot wear ,so that you don’t damage your foot arches while walking and
 Weather should not be hot and humid as you would lose too much of fluid and salt
through your body surfaces
 Take lots of water in-between
 Take rest between different sets of exercises
 Whatever exercise you are doing whether yoga or aerobic, walking or any other way,
learn the proper technique otherwise you would do more harm than good.
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