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Dear Friends,
With your support and blessings I have been elected as President Indian Menopause Society (IMS) for the year 2014-2015,installation being done during IMSCON 2014 held at Agra. At the outset, my congratulations to the outgoing Team of Dr.Jyothi Unni for doing good work and enriching IMS as an organization.
With new posts come new Responsibilities and new challenges!
Web site is the window through which the world looks at us. Our Web Committee Chairperson has been doing good work on this and the site will reach newer heights in future.
Our theme of the year is “Ascent of women through mid life – spreading wings of IMS”.
The Theme logo as seen on on top shows a woman moving up with a feeling of freedom as depicted by the dove flying above her. This is only possible when she has, not just absence of disease, but rather, a positive buoyancy to move ahead in life and that is Positive Health. We have to work with that agenda.

Spreading the wings of IMS essentially means giving it more visibility in other disciplines of medicine also, as ours is a multidisciplinary body. One way of Moving Ahead with more visibility is to have collaborations.We shall endeavour to conduct Panel discussions with  organizations like IMA involving all specialities. We already have Nu-life clinics in Collaboration with FOGSI and shall give more reach to our IMS CIMP projects by collaborating with ICOG.
Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” 
Henry Ford
For education we shall try to conduct three CMEs and one workshop per chapter.
The first topic for CMEs will be “IMS –Ostiflav CME on osteoporosis”- “Support Your Bones They Support You.” The purpose of such CME's are that gynecologists being the first touch point in the mangagement of osteoporosis, should start prescribing and treating osteoporosis, more vigorously, thereby preventing the first fracture that might occur. 

The Second topic for CMEs planned is on “Metabolic Syndrome and Risk Factors for CHD", "Assessment of risk factors and management of CHD" and "Role of HRT in CHD.”
The Third academic activity will be workshops on “Urogynecology and vaginal Health”

In the research arena, we plan to have each Chapter adopt one village for data collection for determining the age of  Menopause of Ageing women.
Chalo Gaon Chalen is another project in collaboration with the NGO OKTI, where we shall go to remote villages with MOBILE SURGICAL CAMPS to perform various gynecological Surgeries for free/nominal fee.We plan to provide resource persons to facilitate these projects. This is being planned as we realise that our villages being the heartbeat of INDIA, their health is of paramount importance to us.
We plan to celebrate international women's day on 8th March by having panel discussions with various specialists from IMA.
For effective mananagement of an association, E CONNECIVITY is the fist essential step and we shall strive to achieve 100% e-connectivity among our members as a first step.
We shall also celebrate world Menopause Day with fan fare.
All chapter Secretaries are invited to be resource persons for these CMEs.These CMEs would be supported by uncondititional support from Pharma companies and one national faculty would be allowed with to and fro fare being borne.
Click here for the Presidential address during the INAUGURATON ceremony of IMSCON 2014
“Coming together is the beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
 Working together is success.”

Henry Ford

Our wishes are for IMS to go higher, up and up and up!

So let us all work together for the betterment of IMS 

Dr.Maninder Ahuja
President IMS 2014-2015